"Where the Quality is in the Product,
because my name is on it"
Bob Smale

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The company, founded in 1963 began as a manufacturer of self propelled forage wagons designed be Wilmer Smale. Many of these wagons are still up and running today. Since then, the company has distinguished itself in the field of livestock handling equipment and has become a leader in the industry. 

The Smale Powder coating system was one of the pioneers in powder coating in Canada when it was initially installed in 1976. Today, there are over 10,000 powder coating systems in North America. The powder coating process begins with 5 consecutive showers in a deluge of 16,000 recycled gallons of preparatory chemicals, then a hot air blow off. The product is now ready for the state of the art application of electro-statically applied state of the art powder. The automatic conveyor line then takes the product into 450 degree F. bake ovens. 30 minutes later, the toughest, most durable colour coating is completed and the product is ready for shipment. On properly prepared material, powder coating gives 8-10 times the life of baked wet spray paint. Compared to poorer preparations or none, the factors are much more.